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 LittleEarth has been around for years creating accessories and apparel for professional and college teams. When they wanted to grow their online sales they came to us for help with their website. It was full of product information and great photos, but it was difficult to navigate and needed a design refresh. We helped reorganize the products, set up filtering options, enhance the menus and redesign the homepage. Their sales nearly doubled the first weekend the new website went live.

LittleEarth Sketchbook


We always start web projects with some simple sketches. This lets us strategize before we create. It also helps us coordinate the writing and creative aspects so we can stay on budget and deliver on time.


LittleEarth has an expansive product offering. They needed to give users a simple way to narrow it down to find specific products and teams. We accomplished this by setting up a filtering system.

LittleEarth Filtering
LittleEarth Website Redesign


Most people will decide if a business is trustworthy within a few seconds of visiting their website. Design plays a key role in this decision. After setting up the more technical aspects of the navigation and product filters we, wrapped up by redesigning the homepage. Getting this part right was an important part of helping LittleEarth increase their online sales.

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